Banish me? Banish the world!

In Henry IV, Part 1, we witness the education of a Prince, according to many critics of the play. What does Prince Hal learn from each person in his life? 

Falstaff and HotspurEdit

1) In Henry IV, we meet Falstaff. Do you like his character? Why does Henry hang out with him? What is Falstaff's major role in the play? Is there one particular scene that illustrates his characer best?

2) Hotspur is a remarkable character--his passion, his energy, his loyalty pop off the page/stage and pose a problem for young Harry. Yes, he is annoying too for these very same attributes. How are we supposed to react to Hotspur in the play? Look closely at the final battle in the play--what do you think is really lost and gained in the battle?

Prince Hal Edit

3) Why do you like or dislike Prince Hal in the play? This is important because by Henry V, he will need to seduce us if he is to become England's national hero and savior.